Jett Hitt

Jett Hitt
Jett was born in Bentonville, Arkansas and grew up near there on a ranch. He often refers to himself as an "Ozark Mountain Hillbilly" with a penchant for training horses, and to authenticate his heritage he will be more than happy to tell you about his grandfather who was incarcerated during the 1930s for making moonshine.

He is often asked whether "Jett" is his given name, and indeed it is. He was named for Jett Rink, the character played by James Dean in the 1956 movie "Giant."

Jett holds degrees in both music and German, including a doctorate in music composition. His teachers have included Miles Osland, Joseph Baber, Ted Hansen, and Carolyn Hickson. His works include Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra, Doe-eyed, and Prelude to Good-bye.

He has worked as a professor at the Technische Hochschule in Merseburg, Germany, Idaho State University, and Sam Houston State University.

He is now an outfitter in Yellowstone National Park, giving guided horseback tours, including pack trips, day rides and fly fishing trips.

Jett has photographed Yellowstone Park extensively, and you can view his photos on-line at Yellowstone Photos.

You can download MP3s of many of his compositions as well as read more about him and his works at Yellowstone Wilderness Publishing.

More information about Jett, albeit with much duplication, can be found at and Yellowstone Guides.

Yellowstone Concerto

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Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra

Written by Yellowstone outfitter Jett Hitt and recorded by the Slovak Radio Symphony.

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Yellowstone CD